Waitaha Maya Fire & Water Gathering 2016

                    in Aotearoa New Zealand

Waitaha Nation believe that the year of 2016 is the Great Year of Light and will be concentrating on making contacts around the world with other Nations who enjoy working and living in the great light of the Universe.We believe that with rejoining again the fire circle of the Pacific Fire Circle we will allow for the greater light to shine again on Grandmother Earth Papatuanuku. In 2014 October we joined with the Yamato Fires of the Japanese Shugendo and in 2016 we join with the Maya Fire Circle again.

The return of the ancient gods, Quetzalcoatl, Keeper of life and death known to Waitaha as Te Kunenga o ,Nga Atua. where fire and water ceremonies were shared with the Gods.

We welcome our dearest sister Elizabeth Araujo from El Salvador a Grandmother of the Maya who is the Matriarch and much skilled in the ceremonies and sacred forms of the Fire of The Maya Nation.

As a Matriarchy Nation Waitaha are proud to show case our sister during this time and look forward to sharing her knowledge and wisdom with the Grandmothers,  Grandfathers, Mothers, Fathers, Sisters Brothers and Cousins of New Zealand. All will be made welcome. Just register and pay online or send your booking fee to the registered centres  Arohanui...


Return of the Ancient Fire and Water Ceremonies

5th-13th Februry 2016 in North Island New Zealand

The Maya Waitaha Water and Fire Ceremonies will be conducted in the private park of the Omapere Copthorne Hotel that sits on the ancient landing sites of our Early Travelling Ancestors who travelled the many thousands of nautical kilometres around the Earth. Visiting along with their relations and their families of the many shores that touch the Pacific Ocean or Te Moananui o Kiwa. We have waited many hundreds of years for the Maya Nation to return to us to share the warmth of their fires, and the sacred prayers that are used to bind the many Nations together in Peace, Love and Truth.

Early Bird bookings close 9pm 16th of November 2015

Deadline:28th December 2015

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Whole Stay  5th-13th/8night 9days

Early Bird JPY230000+8%Tax

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Short Stay  7th-10th/3night 4days

Early Bird NZD777

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Elizabeth Araujo

Grandmother Elizabeth is a warm, compassionate person manifesting a
discernment that crosses cultural boundaries.  She travels extensively throughout the world to wherever

she is called to do ceremony and hold council  with Elders in the process of bringing unification, balance and harmony to Mother Earth.
Grandmother Elizabeth was born and raised in El Salvador and lives in Guatemala.  She is a member of El Salvador Council of Mayan Ajqij’ab and also works with the Guatemala Mayan National Counsel of Elders.
Elizabeth works through the Mayan traditional healing 
ceremonies with the Sacred Fire and is a guide for spiritual journeys to sacred sites in Guatemala, Peru and Bolivia.


Te Porohau Ruka Te Korako

Born in Arapawa New Zealand, 1943 at the time when most of the magic of the ancestors was being driven underground by the European Churches and The Department of Education.

Te Porohau was a student of his Grandfathers William Nehua Karupatene Ruka Te Korakora and Perenara Hone Harris.
The extent of this studentship enabled Te Porohau to see and to hear of the mysteries and secrets of the world of his ancestors, faithfully keeping the secrets for his own children and mokopuna to learn and to hear, thus passing the knowledge on into the future of the Waitaha Nation.

Rendo Sugimoto

Master Rendo has been teaching this amazing healing method, originated in Japan’s sacred mountains to the general public and to medical professionals all over the world for over two decades. He has appeared as a Guest Lecture in NewLife Expo in New York City, he has taught at the U.C.S.B college of creative studies, he also teaches regularly at the Return of the ancestors in Arizona as a “Elder” representative from Japan

I Wayan Linggen

 I Wayan Linggen Was born on February 2’ 1978, on soma wage Tambir in caka 1901 (Balinese and Indian calender) this day is a sacred for Hinduism, Especially Balinese, since the day is occupied by “God Shiva” who is regarded as the highest or the most respected deity  for the Hinduism in Bali

When he was 20 years old he met his Spiritual Guru Mr. Ketut Arsana and brought him to His Maha Guru Sri Jaya Nara for further Spiritual blessing and teaching.Few years after spending time with the Maha Guru, On 2000 he started his journey by teaching yoga and giving Healing massage, 

Miyuki Ninomiiya

Junko Nakatani

In 1994 she created a business called Parallel World that encompassed Healer Training Courses, a special course that concentrated on breathing techniques that enabled students to improve lung capacity using ancient methods of body control and knowledge of the physiology. She has run Seminars with International Guest Speakers. Along with all of this concentrated healing work.
In 2010 she launched with the Japanese Communities, support for the Sacred Church of Waitaha, enabling the leasehold of a Centre in Kaikohe, that supports a small Temple prayer place for Buddhist pilgrims and runs support network for homeless families throughout Northland, New Zealand.
In 2014 she became a member of the Executive Council of Elders of Waitaha Council a status of honor for the work that she has done for the Nation of Waitaha.